Sponsoring GreatGardenSpeakers.com

If you're interested in sponsoring GreatGardenSpeakers.com, read on to find out more about site sponsorship opportunities.

Do you accept advertising?


We welcome advertising from sources such as garden book publishers and horticulture-related businesses. Your ad will appear as a banner ad in our right-hand sidebar.


How much does an ad cost?

Right-hand sidebar banner ads are priced at $150/month.  By sponsoring the site, you are helping support our effort to connect garden, nature, and design speakers with audiences.  If you have any questions, please contact us using the email form here

How do I create an ad?

Just go here to create an account.  Select the tab on the far right called Banner Options. You'll be able to choose how long you want the ad to run and specify your payment options.  Once you've created your account, it's as simple as uploading your graphic (a square or rectangular JPG, TIF, or SWF file), and specifying the website you want people to go to when they click your ad.  (If you have a script to upload instead, you'll have that option, too.)  As soon as we receive your payment and approve your ad, it will go live on GreatGardenSpeakers.com! 


What if I don't have an ad designed?


Some people simply use the cover of their new book, their company logo, or a photograph as their banner ad.  If you'd like to have a banner ad created for you, you will need a graphic artist. Elance and craigslist are two places where people fin graphic artists. You can also contact the GreatGardenSpeakers.com managing company The Garden of Words, LLC  for help.

What size should my ad be?

The ad can be a square or a rectangle, up to 200 x 200 pixels.

You will get emails from GreatGardenSpeakers as you create your account and set up your ad. If you don't see an email from us, please check your junk mail folder or spam filter, and make sure emails from GreatGardenSpeakers.com can get to you.

Also, we have an email newsletter with updates about new members, new activities, and other useful information.  You can sign up for our email newsletter  on this page.

I have questions about the process of creating and uploading an ad.

We've got answers!  Read on:

What do I select for Banner Type?

There's only one option for our site.  Just choose the right sidebar banner ad.

Should I order by time period or by impressions?

Order by time period and pay by the month. It's easier--and more affordable--to order by time period. We've priced our ads by the month because we are looking for monthly sponsors who support the idea of Great Garden Speakers and want to help us connect garden speakers with audiences. 

What options should I select under Banner Details?

Under Section, you'll choose Global Banner so that it runs on a number of pages on the site. 

Category does not apply to us, so skip that.

"Open in a new window" means that when people click on your ad, a new window in their browser will open to take them to your website.  If you choose "no," that means that when people click your ad, they will leave GGS.com and go to your website in the same window of their browser.  Most people expect ads to open in a new window, so we suggest choosing "yes" for this.

Destination URL is the website you want people to go to when they click your ad.

Display URL is optional--just enter the URL you want people to see when they click the ad.  If you're not sure what to put here, just enter your website's URL.

What is a Script Banner?

If you have script code for your ad, you probably already know what it is.  It's a piece of computer code that allows you to display an animated ad, or an ad that rotates or changes over time.  If you do have script code, put it here instead of uploading a jpg.  If you don't, just skip this.

What do I enter under "Caption"?

This is a litttle bit of text that will appear on the screen when somebody moves their mouse over your ad. Put something simple and explanatory here, like your slogan, the name of your product or company, or the concept you are promoting.

What do I select for "File"?

If you are not using script code, this is where you upload your ad.  It can be an SWF, TIF, or JPG graphic.  Click Browse to find the file on your computer and upload it.  The ad can be a square or rectangle, and it can be up to 200 x 200 pixels.

What is Promotional Code?

We do not use promotional codes much.  If we gave you a promotional code, enter it here, but most people will just skip this step.

I'm done!  What now?

Hit Submit.  If you have not yet paid for your ad, now would be the time to do that.  Under Payment Options on the left, select Check Out.  You can pay through PayPal whether you want to use PayPal funds or a credit card.  You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay by credit card--PayPal simply acts as our credit card processor.  Once you've paid, please give us up to 24 hours to verify your payment and approve your ad. You'll get an email when it goes live on the site.

You may also pay by check.  Please carefully read the instructions on the invoice about how to make out your check and where to send it.  We will approve your ad after we receive your check, and you will get an email when that happens.


We have an email newsletter that will keep you updated on what's new at Great Garden Speakers.  Go here to sign up.