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How to using imagery to better your marketing

I was hired by Monrovia to create a presentation to help their sales team & clients better market their product. Using visuals & words in 7 sessions over 3 days, I was able to help them see imagery in a more profound & useful way. They were inspired!

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The Tapestry Garden

This is a collection of beautiful imagery and words written about layering a garden. You'll take away insights as to growing, selecting and creating rooms in your garden space.

Recent Audience Reviews

Kerry Ann Mendez

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Lorraine decourcey from MA - 09/21/2018 13:00:15

Loved her presentation,very inspiring

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Julie Borneman

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Wonderful speaker

Cathy Sigalas from Shenandoah Junction, WV - 09/18/2018 13:57:52

Julie has a wealth of knowledge about native plants, especially since she g...

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Irvin Etienne

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Guest Speaker at Master Gardener Symposium 2018

Leslie Wychocki from Dyer, IN - 09/17/2018 10:46:50

Fabulous speaker. Vast array of knowledge. Join us again!!!!!!

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Yoga for the Gardener

Yoga for the Gardener

How to do easy, practical stretches, bends, twists and breathing BEFORE, DURING and AFTER gardening to reduce aches, pains and injuries and ENJOY your garden even more! Susie has taught yoga for 40 years. She merges her 2 passions, gardening + yoga