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Mark Turner is an award-winning garden and native plant photographer with over 15 years supplying images to books and magazines. He blends plant geek, artist, craftsman, and communicator in his lectures and workshops on photography and native plants.

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great slideshow

Rhiannon Allen from Point Roberts - 10/11/2011 13:07:36

Mark Turner gave our Club a wonderful slideshow of his photographs of native wildflowers. The photos were fantastic, and I appreciated the distribution maps.

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Fun and informative

Jessica from Point Roberts, WA - 10/06/2011 15:37:19

Mark spoke at our Garden Club last night. His presentation was both fun and informative. His knowledge of local wildflowers was wonderful to see in his photos and listen to in his stories.

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Personal attention for each student

Tanya Anderson from Diablo, WA - 08/16/2011 19:46:23

Mark spent three days teaching a pocket wildflower photography class with us at North Cascade Institute's Environmental Learning Center. His instruction flowed smoothly from technical aspects of each camera to composition to practice, feedback, and more practice. What impressed me the most was the personal attention he gave to each student, both in the field and in the classroom. I'd definitely recommend him as an instructor!

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Feedback from Burke Museum Class

Carl Sander from Washington - 08/15/2011 14:26:40

Here's is the feedback I received after hosting a class with Mark. -- Carl Sander, Public Programs, Burke Museum of Natural History.

"Very personable speaker. Well prepared lecture followed by ample time in the field with individual tutoring . Critique after field trip was excellent, of our pictures. Was very supportive and appropriately critical. Class size was perfect(8). Would take the class again if offered."

"This was an excellant class. Good combination of instruction, field work, and critique of students work. This course fills a need of getting good wildflower photos with a small pocket camera. Very good instruction in how to get the most from a small camera. Instructor used a great combination of humor and gentle hands-on help to provide practical ideas that work."

"Mark Turner was amazing. I learned a lot and will use many of the techniques I learned to improve my picture taking. I appreciated his patience and individual work with each student. Great class format. Thank you and I hope he comes back for even a longer session."

"This class was one of the most valuable and well taught I have ever taken. The instructor's presentation was professional, and he also made sure to work with each individual to improve their knowledge and photographic capability. Best of all, he was extremely skilled at critiquing our work while giving encouragement and honest appraisal. In spite of the class members' differing levels of skill and knowledge, the instructor's general remarks were useful to all and his private encouragement appropriate to the level of the student. I learned a lot that I will continue to use and hope there will be a follow-on."

"Mark Turner is extremely knowledgeable and very approachable. The critique at the end of the class was especially valuable. I learned a lot about composition which I had never really considered before. The handouts he provided are very useful."