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From meadows and native plants to lawns, foundation gardens, and deer resistance, Kathy Connolly's “lively and well prepared" talks are interactive and full of tips for successful land care. She offers innovative design ideas and helpful resources.

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Fantastic class!

Susan Denham from Arlington, MA - 03/23/2019 22:43:50

I attended Kathy’s day-long “Meadows 1, 2, 3” class sponsored by the New England Wildflower Society. We’ve all sat through disappointing lectures and lackluster presentations, so my expectations were modest. To my delight, Kathy’s highly engaging session was easily one of the best I’ve seen in a lifetime of presentations. Her lecture was clear, logical, and superbly organized; her delivery was crisp, witty, and chock-a-block full of the findings of wide ranging formal and academic studies interlaced with practical, hard won tips. She ran a terrific day with gusto and passion for her subject. Highly recommended without reservation!

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She Has It all

Sarah Torff from Guilford, CT - 03/19/2018 09:59:51

Kathy is a wonderful speaker: down to earth, knowledgeable and to the point. Her PP slides are clear, concise and very helpful in understanding some of the challenges as well as possibilities of establishing a meadow and/or working with native plants. This woman knows her stuff and is willing to work with people and their landscapes "where they are."

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Engaging, Top Notch Presentation

Jane Mignone, Barrington Garden Club from Barrington, RI - 02/24/2017 08:23:08

Kathy’s knowledge and passion for landscape design was evident during her ground cover presentation to our garden club last week. Kathy is a dynamic speaker: she was engaging, interesting, and reached out to all levels of gardeners in our large group. She was well prepared and imparted a wealth of information accompanied by many lovely photos. Kathy appears to keep very current and up to date in her field. She shared many new developments in ground covers and provided detailed resource handouts. She has a great website and blog too. Her organizational skills and professionalism were impressive, from initial contact right through her presentation and email follow ups.
All in all, Kathy gave a top notch presentation!

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terrific presentation

Ann Shipley from Noank, Ct - 02/29/2016 21:43:39

I am a member of the Mystic Garden Club. Kathy Connolly was the speaker for our monthly luncheon meeting last week. Her topic was foundation plantings and it was most interesting--and educational. Kathy has a lively sense of humor which made the talk that much more interesting. We would recommend her to any other garden clubs or groups looking for an interesting talk.

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Karin Peterson from Madison CT - 02/11/2016 23:33:51

Practical tips and up-to-date information on residential landscape design to inspire all our members - from novice designers to Master Gardeners.
- Garden Club of Madison