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Cookbook author and kitchen garden designer, Ellen Ogden is the author of over four books including From the Cook’s Garden and her most recent, The Complete Kitchen Garden featuring designs and recipes for cooks who love to garden.

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The Complete Kitchen Garden lecture and workshop includes a power point presentation of beautiful kitchen gardens woven with Ellen’s signature six steps to basic kitchen garden design. A true kitchen garden goes beyond the simple straight rows of a vegetable garden to combine art and food in ways that enhance the experience of growing food.


  • Participants learn how to integrate flowers, herbs and vegetable with an eye towards formal design, color, and culinary purpose.
  • Designed for all levels; those just starting out and experienced gardeners seeking ways  how to design a vegetable garden that fits their yard or how to renovate an existing garden to make it more inviting.
  • Available as a one hour lecture or as a two part design workshop that includes hands-on drawing and problem solving.



In 1984 Ellen co-founded The Cook's Garden seed catalog and grew hundreds of tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and other crops so she could be sure to offer the very best culinary varieties to home gardeners. Mesclun had not entered our collective vocabulary and baby squash and lemon cucumbers were oddities. Her culinary training includes Marcella Hazan in Venice Italy and Darina Allen at Ballymaloe in Ireland, with recipes that reflect fresh cooking from the garden.


In addition to books, her writing has appeared in numerous national magazines in including  Country Gardens, Boston Sunday Globe, Fine Cooking, Martha Stewart Living, Organic Gardening, and Horticulture. She has appeared on PBS Victory Garden and Gardening by the Yard as the Baroness of Basil. 

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Audience Reviews

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Kitchen Garden Design Speaker

Carol Bray from Mosinee - 01/27/2018 21:49:47

Ellen Ecker Ogden was the keynote speaker for North Central WI Master Gardeners winter conference. Her presentation, The Art of Growing Food was excellent. Ellen's extensive knowledge in the area of kitchen garden design was coupled with beautiful photos illustrating her comments . Attendees enjoyed Ellen's subtle sense of humor which further enhanced her presentation. Ellen also made herself available for a book signing. 97fOb

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The kitchen garden

Elaine Burden from Middleburg, Virginia - 03/20/2017 17:01:29

Ellen spoke at our 2017 garden club symposium and was terrific! She was very engagging, full of helpful information and funny too. Her PowerPoint photos were well done. I would recommend Ellen as a speaker to everyone and can't wait to have her back again!

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The Art of Growing Food

Pat Wilson from NH - 06/05/2016 20:42:35

Ellen spoke at a joint meeting of the Great Island Garden Club and the Piscataqua Garden Club in Portsmouth NH. Ellen not only entertained us with her delightful stories of going to cooking school in Italy and Ireland but also enlightened us with her 6 steps to practical and creative ways to grow our own food.
Her book The Complete Kitchen Garden is essential for any kitchen garden.