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1110 Washington St. Holliston, Massachusetts 01746

Jana Milbocker and Joan Butler jointly lecture on a variety of horticultural and garden design topics. Both are avid gardeners, plant collectors, garden designers and writers, and combine these interests in richly illustrated and researched lectures.

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Jana Milbocker and Joan Butler are avid gardeners, plant collectors, garden designers and writers. They jointly lecture on a variety of gardening topics to garden clubs and community education classes. They have presented programs at the Boston Flower & Garden Show, Tower Hill Botanic Garden, Massachusetts Horticultural Society, Blithewold and at the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts (GCFM).

 Jana and Joan are past presidents of the Holliston Garden Club and are active in the GCFM and other horticultural societies. Currently, they both serve on the board of the Massachusetts Landscape Design Council.

 Jana is a garden designer and owner of Enchanted Gardens, a landscape design and installation firm in Holliston. She is the author of The Garden Tourist: 120 Destination Gardens and Nurseries in the Northeast, published in 2018. She has authored gardening articles which have been published nationally and writes a website blog at enchantedgardensdesign.com.

 Joan is a Horticulturist at Weston Nurseries and a Master Gardener. She is a former Chairman of the Massachusetts Landscape Design Council, is a member of Garden Consultants Council and is an accredited Flower Show Judge. Currently, Joan serves on the GCFM Board as Awards Chairman.


The Garden Tourist

Do you enjoy touring beautiful gardens? We will show you the best public gardens, nursery display gardens, and private gardens in the Northeast to visit for inspiration! Learn about each garden's highlights, ideal times to visit, and enjoy a visual tour of each amazing destination.


Birdscaping: Home Sweet Habitat

Birds put on shows that are unsurpassed; their sweet melodies and aerial acrobatics delight even the casual observer. You can create welcoming habitats for birds by providing for their basic needs through thoughtful landscape choices. This delightfully illustrated program explores the methods and joys of creating beautiful layered gardens with native plants that are designed to bring avian performers right into our own backyards.


A Collector's Guide to Hostas

With more than 7,000 named varieties, there is a hosta to suit every taste and garden. With photos from award-winning gardens and Joan's collection of 300 cultivars, we will show you how to design a beautiful garden based on the interplays of color, texture and placement of incredible hostas and companion plants.


Designing Shady Retreats

In this richly illustrated lecture, we explore a variety of intriguing gardens that will inspire you to create your own shady retreats! We show you design tricks and strategies to light up shady corners, highlight unusual plants that thrive in low-light conditions, and illustrate the creative use of art objects, seating, and water features.


The Magic of the Winter Garden

The garden can be a magical place - even in winter! Stripped of summer foliage and flowers, the success of a winter garden lies in its structure, design, and choice of plant material. This richly illustrated lecture provides inspirational tips on designing your garden for winter interest, choosing the best trees, shrubs and perennials, and grouping them to create arresting vignettes.


Spring Ephemerals and Other Delights

Early bulbs and native woodland wildflowers such as Bloodroot, Jeffersonia, Hepatica, and Trillium are stars of the early spring garden. Learn about their habitats, ideal growing conditions and unique adaptations!


Pots with Pizzazz

Jazzy containers are the "jewelry" of a garden, elevating it from "good" to "great"! Learn how to brighten shady spots with pops of color, create focal points for vistas, and welcoming entry gardens with stunning container groupings. From whimsical to grand, these pots with pizzazz from private and public gardens will inspire and teach you to design your own potted masterpieces!






















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Audience Reviews

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Last night was really great!

Sandra from Massachusetts - 11/18/2018 10:13:15

Last night was really great!
I actually learned things and hints to make me be a better gardener.
I wish I had as much energy to plant more!
Thank you both so much! The program was very well done.

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Wonderfully informative and entertaining!

Susan M from New Jersey - 06/22/2017 19:06:49

Jana and Joan pack a lot of useful and interesting information into their talk about Birdscaping. I came away with new ideas and a better understanding of the effectiveness of my present practices. I'm also looking forward to Jana's upcoming book - The Garden Tourist! (available this Fall on Amazon)

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Loved it!

Cyndy Robb from Holliston, MA - 06/07/2017 10:00:57

Jana and Joan presented to our garden club last month and did a terrific job! The topic was How to attract birds and butterflies to your yard and we all loved it. They had so many terrific photographs that illustrated their beautiful gardens. The take-away was a great reference for all of the plants they discussed. It is a must see!

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