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Ken Druse is a writer, radio host, and the award-winning author/photographer of 18 gardening books. He is a popular speaker known for his vivid presentations.

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Author/photographer, lecturer and radio host Ken Druse has contributed to nearly every garden and home design magazine in America. He is probably best known for his books, which the New York Times called “bibles for serious gardeners.” The American Horticultural Society chose his book, The Passion for Gardening, as best book of the year; and the Wall Street Journal recommended it as one of the “five garden books to own.” Ken’s most recent book, his 17th, is PLANTHROPOLGY: The Myths, Mysteries, and Miracles of My Garden Favorites. Fans can also find Ken anytime on his podcast and public radio show Ken Druse Real Dirt, through their computers and iPods (kendruserealdirt.com).

In 2004, The Garden Club of America awarded Ken The Sarah Chapman Francis medal for lifetime achievement in literary achievement.



Natural Companions: Combinations of plants that thrivev together and bloom at the very same time.

Award-winning garden writer and photographer Ken Druse presents recipes for perfect plant pairings using diverse species. Unlike most advice on companion planting, which comes from England, this talk introduces heat- and cold-tolerant varieties that will thrive in many parts of the Country. Organized by theme within seasons, topics include color, fragrance, butterflies, foliage texture, grasses, wetlands, ponds, edible flowers and much more.

Along with the garden photos, the talk features unique botanical images created in collaboration with artist Ellen Hoverkamp using modern digital technology. She arranged cuttings of plants and flowers (often grown specifically by Ken) on an oversized flatbed scanner. The results reveal the vivid characteristics of favorite plants with amazing color, depth and clarity. The audience will discover an inspirational guide -- in Ken’s witty style and with his stunning presentation techniques.

Secrets of the Garden – Revealed: Planthropology – the Myths, Mysteries, and Miracles of Our Garden Favorites.

Ken Druse shares his uncommon expertise and passion for plants in a talk that will amaze, educate, and inspire. Ken knows that every plant has a story, and these tales can capture the imagination of everyone, and with hope tomorrow’s conservationists – kids. Ken shows how explorers once -- and still do -- race across the globe like Indiana Jones in search of rare specimens. He explains the dynamics of color and insects, fragrance and memory. He tells how plants in art once initiated a social movement, and then the movement called Art Nouveau. He reveals what the seeds of a sunflower have in common with the stars in the Milky Way!

Making More Plants – for free! The Science, Art, and Joy of Propagation.

Propagation may seem daunting or advanced. But more of whatever plant we want, whenever we want it is a basic, thrilling, fun and often easy part of gardening itself. Whether you crave healthy, vigorous plants, wish to grow new ones to share with friends, or hope to produce scores of them to fill your own beds and borders, Ken’s talk, with gorgeous photographs, will help fulfill your most vivid garden dreams.


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Audience Reviews

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Fantastic speaker for your garden club and more

Nancy Schwartz from Maplewood, NJ - 11/30/2004 22:29:08

Ken Druse lit up our evening last night at the Maplewood Garden Club. Speaking with great expertise, a refreshing sense of humor and a palatable love of plants and garden, Ken delivered so much more than the usual tips and tricks.

Yes, our club members did leave the meeting educated on companion planting (the topic last night). But even more importantly, they left moved, enthused and inspired. You can't do better speaker-wise than Ken Druse!

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Superb Speaker

Gleneva Belice from La Jolla, CA - 11/30/2002 19:35:00

As Program Chairman for The Village Garden Club of La Jolla, our members were extremely happy with Ken Druse’s presentation yesterday. All comments were with great praise, “the best speaker in 15 years,” “outstanding speaker - enjoyed his talk immensely,” “an inspirational presentation.” Ken engaged his audience with his magnificent photography and his brilliant program. Ken has an exceptional ability to teach his love of nature and gardening with humor and intelligence. I give my highest endorsement for Ken as a superb speaker - you will not be disappointed. Gleneva Belice

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he is inspirational!

elaine yellen from scarsdale - 11/30/2010 18:37:33

He gave a talk at New York Botanical Garden.. It was a fantastic presentation....really made you see nature in a new way!

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