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1914 Berkeley Avenue Texas 78745

I am a garden designer, author and speaker and I'm passionate about how gardens and plants enrich people's lives physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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"Indoor Plant Decor: The Design Stylebook for Houseplants"


I love helping people enrich their lives through plants and gardening, whether they are indoor gardens or outdoor gardens. My first book, with co-author Kylee Baumle, was "Indoor Plant Decor: The Design Stylebook for Houseplants" and I wrote it because I am passionate about having that garden experience whether you live on acreage or in a tiny apartment. Plants are that important to our lives.

I love speaking about how people can create sanctuaries in their gardens — places to stay balanced, find hope and healing. Plants and gardens are the best teachers of how to be in the moment, and the times that I have experienced that, it's always been outside.

Gardens are also places where we gather with the people we love, so I also enjoy talking about how to create spaces for entertaining -- site selection, seating, garden art, lighting and plant palettes all work together to create beautiful, functional and comfortable outside spaces to gather.

I am paraphrasing a quote I once heard that said that those things that we create as beautiful are not luxuries in this world, they help us to value what is most important and to protect the world around us. I think gardens fall into that category -- they feed us, provide us with rest, beauty and places of hope and healing, and I am honored to talk with people about that!


I enjoy talking with small and large groups about how gardens and plants enrich our lives -- whether it's in the form of fresh/new houseplant displays, growing healthy food, creating garden areas for entertainment, or using the garden as a place to find balance and healing.


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Very Inspirational

Mike Podlesny from Burlington, NJ - 06/21/2018 14:33:30

I had the opportunity to chat with Jenny twice on our show and learned quite a bit from her as well as left the conversation very inspired to tackle not only the gardening problems, but life's as well.

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Light & Fun Even When Subject is Heavy

Robin Haglund from WA - 02/26/2016 21:55:48

I had the distinct pleasure of attending several of Jenny's 2016 seminars in Seattle during the NW Flower & Garden Show and at Swanson's Nursery. She is an engaging, fun speaker even when she is addressing difficult subjects like cancer. She injects humor and light-heartedness into her talks. And, she provides inspiring gardening ideas along the way. Kudos! Don't miss Jenny's talks!