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PO Box 547623 Orlando, Florida 32854

Garden author, podcast host, landscape designer, and horticulturist. Teresa’s humor grabs her audience’s attention as she instills appreciation for the environment while encouraging everyone that they can have a beautiful, sustainable garden.

w: Sustainable Horticultural Environments

w: A Gardener's Compendium - Volume 1 Gardening with Life

w: A Gardener's Compendium -Voume 2 Gardening In Time and Place

e: teresa.watkins@live.com

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A Gardener's Compendium series - Gardening in a Twitter World in 140 Characters or more.



Understanding Florida-Friendly Principles In Your Backyard Teresa explains how homeowners can implement Florida-friendly practices.


Rain Gardens for Florida Landscapes
Learn the way to build an effective rain garden and how to select Florida-friendly plants.


Pump Up the Color in your Landscape
Strategies to brighten up your landscape with easy-care, high-impact plants.


Teresa’s Favorite New Plants for a New Year
Teresa talks about her favorite species and varieties of plants, flowers, vegetables, shrubs, and trees, that are new on the market.


I Promise You a Rose Garden!
How to select, grow, and care for roses in Florida.


Cottage Gardening In Florida
One of Teresa’s favorite garden themes, she talks about how to design and care for a traditional cottage garden.


It’s Not Easy Being Green
Teresa Watkins, horticulturist and landscape designer, explains fertilizer basics.


Teresa’s Tips: Landscape Design 101
How to create a beautiful landscape from the beginning.


Try to Contain Yourself
Container Gardening the Easy Way. Showcases different containers and design styles for containers all year round.


Gardens To Flutter By: Butterfly gardening

How to attract butterflies and pollinators to your backyard.

Luscious Gardening
Growing Succulents indoors and outside.


Get Out Of Here – You’re Bugging Me!
Gardening in Florida doesn’t mean that you need to worry about pests. Teresa talks about insects in the landscape.


Gardening with Your Soul
Teresa presents various gardening themes based on interests and hobbies to create in your backyard.


Polly Hill, America’s First Woman Arborist
The life of Polly Hill and the Arboretum she created. A two-hour program that includes a video of Polly Hill, her philosophy in growing trees, and photographs of the Polly Hill Arboreteum. Can be open to the public as a fundraiser.


Growing Herbs ‘Great-fully’
Thanksgiving-themed talk on growing herbs in Autumn.


Welcome to Your Florida Landscape
Introduction to learning about your Florida landscape.


Yes, Virginia, Florida does have a Winter!
How to protect your Florida landscape in the winter time. Talk includes How to Care for Your Holiday Plants.


How to Care for Your Holiday Plants
Great in conjunction with Yes, Virginia, Florida does have a Winter! Make your New Year’s resolution to keep your holiday plants thriving.


Finding Your Garden Muse
Teresa Watkins, horticulturist and landscape designer, provides creative techniques to take your garden inspirations into landscape realities.


Gardening Around the World In Your Backyard
Teresa Watkins, showcases different ways to design and accentuate your garden to bring the world to your backyard.


Inviting the Birds and the Bees
Teresa Watkins, horticulturist and landscape designer, teaches how to design and maintain a landscape that is beneficial for pollinators and wildlife.


Development of Landscape Design
The early history of landscape design. Teresa showcases the development of landscape styles, from 6000 BC through World War II.


Design Your Garden for The Environment

Teresa teaches how to assess your site, select the right plants, and create a landscape that protects Florida’s resources and is beneficial for wildlife.


Orlando, Florida 32804

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Gardening School

Jennifer A Condo from DeLand - 07/03/2020 08:56:12

I asked Teresa to speak to the National Garden Clubs Gardening School and Teresa was wonderful. She is passionate about what she does. She brings energy to the classroom and she is very knowledgeable on gardening.

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Garden Pollenator Talk at the Polasek, inter Park

Carlos Benitez from Winter Park - 08/12/2019 11:51:21

I attended a talk and walking tour on 8/10 about Florida's pollenator's given by Teresa at the Albin Polasek Sculptural Museum and Botanical Garden, Winter Park. Her knowledge and expertise were a delight to witness. She has a canny character that full of humour and wit. She covered not just topics on bee's and butterfly's but all these the intricate nuances and details that only come from first hand experiences. I thoroughly enjoyed her tour and recommend her to anyone looking to book her in the future. Extremely talented gal. God bless her for the love she spreads. Carlos.

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Excellent and relevant speaker

Sarah Monroe from Deltona, FL - 06/02/2018 16:23:31

I booked Teresa for a community engagement speaking opportunity in Sanford, FL. Teresa is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker that brings her experiences to life through her presentations. She is an expert in her field and her audience trusts her to help them with her gardening needs.