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Jacqueline is an Arizona-based garden writer with over 15 years of weekly and monthly columns in regional and national publications, plus 13 books. With a Ph.D. in Botany, her popular lectures translate technical science into hands-on how-to.

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Jacqueline Soule is a long-time Southwest gardener and award-winning garden writer.  Of her thirteen books, nine are on gardening in the unique Southwestern climate.  She has been a popular columnist for many years with weekly and monthly columns in a number of national, regional and local publications, including Angie's List Magazine, and Southwest Trees & Turf.  Jacqueline has a Ph.D., but she doesn't flaunt her education, a trait that makes her a popular speaker with green industry professionals and garden clubs alike.

Dr. Soule has a B.S. in Horticulture and a B.S. in Ecology, Evolutionary Biology from the University of Arizona both with Honors and Cum Laude, a M.S. in Botany from Michigan State University, and a Ph.D. in Botany from the University of Texas.  

Jacqueline grew up in Tucson and has traveled extensively around the globe studying the vegetation.  She currently summers in Vermont and winters in Arizona - and both of her gardens are the entire landscape around her home, filled with plants that need as little care as possible, many of them natives.  Minimal care is not her only plant selection criteria however.  Plants must also provide color, texture, and movement in the landscape.  Food for the table is also a high priority.  Many of the plants in her latest book were test grown in her own yards.  ´╗┐


Jacqueline's topics focus on getting more “bang for your buck” with the plants in your life - be it helping feed your family, or feed pollinators, or feed your soul.  She would be happy to discuss customizing a talk for your audience.


Popular Topics Include:

Edible Landscaping – Since you have to water it and take care of it, why not enjoy eating it?! 
Eat Your Yard – How to harvest, prepare and enjoy plants we often grow in our landscapes.
Landscape for Butterflies &/or Birds – Tips and plants to have beautiful wildlife in your yard.
Herbs for Healing: Exploring Myths & Facts – Learn to tell truth from fiction in herbal claims.
Curb Appeal with Your Landscape – The right landscape can add thousands to your home value.
Herbs &/or Fruits of the Pioneers &/or Old Missions – Native & introduced plants to grow and use.
Growing & Using Native Herbs – native plants for cooking, medicinals, crafts and more.
Lush & Low Water Landscape  – with the right plants and some basic design strategy you can have both!
Mosquito Repellent Landscaping  – Learn the lovely plants that grow well here plus repel mosquitoes.
Houseplants for the West – Low humidity, ample sunlight – start with these right plants for success.

Fees are generally travel expenses plus honorarium.  Lets talk about book sales.

until some people post on this site, here are 5 references

Saddlebrooke Master Gardeners - Dr. Soule, you were fabulous! A huge, heartfelt thank you from the SaddleBrooke MasterGardeners. You packed the house and your talk was so well received. Loved your energy, your humor and so much great information. We would totally love to book you again for another presentation. Thank you for driving to "Timbuktu". It was our sincere pleasure to host you. - Margaret

Pima County Library System
- I was off yesterday—but I heard that your program at Main was a marvelous hit! Really grateful to you for all of the great programs you offer!  Best, Justine

- Everyone loved the program! Thank you for coming to Mission Library.
Thanks, Paulina

- Thank you for presenting your program Herbal Lotions at Murphy-Wilmot Library. You did a fantastic job and everyone who came was very excited to learn how to make herbal lotion. I felt it was very successful. I originally planned for teens but clearly there is a niche for our older female customers who loved your program and asked for more J.
All the best, - Ingrid

Western National Parks Association - “Engaging” and “informative” were words that were used to describe Jacqueline Soule’s recent presentation at Western National Parks Association. The content of the slides was well organized, consistent, and contained a sufficient amount of information. She presented the material with confidence and was easily able to answer questions posed by the audience.


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Garden Guild 2021

Margo Bart from Berkeley - 01/15/2021 19:22:01

Jacqueline was today's speaker on the subject of making herbal lotions. She is very knowledgeable, filled with tips and ideas for making lotion to soothe our quarantine hands and many other skin conditions.

In addition to her expertise, she is also very personable and quite fun.
We learned, we laughed and today's event was enjoyed by all! Thank you, Jacqueline.

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HSA Webinar

Anita M Joggerst from Kirkwood - 09/19/2020 15:06:23

I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation at the South Central District Virtual Gathering on September 19, 2020. So much helpful information about herbs, very interesting and enjoyable.

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Growing And Using Herbs of the Southwest Missions

Nancy Baxter from N.C. - 03/25/2020 14:17:16

HSA Webinar, Informative, well organized, relevant information-for beginner or more advanced learner. Well worth time, I would have liked longer.