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Christine Froehlich is an expert problem solver. Her lectures are inspiring - packed with practical, hands-on advice everyone can use to achieve the wow factor. Her designs reflect thoughtful solutions to design dilemmas that plague homeowners.





I love working outside and can’t imagine life without a garden. It’s been my vocation, passion, source of entertainment and comfort since I first put my shovel into the soil 40 years ago.


My horticultural career has morphed through several stages, each one taking me to another level. After studying art in college, I got interested in plants when I began collecting houseplants. I quickly got hooked into world of gardening, inside and out. 


Most of my training has been hands on. I got my first job in Maymont Park, a public garden in Richmond, Virginia and later on, landed a position as the head gardener on a private estate in Wilton, Connecticut. After years of honing my skills on the job and getting further training at the New York Botanic Garden, I established my own garden design and maintenance company, which I operated for 25 years, first in Ridgefield, CT. and later in Kent, CT. 


When I moved to upstate New York with my husband in 2003, I reinvented myself as a freelance garden writer. I've had articles published in Fine Gardening, American Gardener, Country Gardens, American Nurseryman, The Upstate Gardeners Journal and Rochester Magazine. Writing about my experiences in gardens spurred me on to develop lectures and teach classes I offered at the Rochester Civic Garden Center, a nonprofit horticultural education center. 


 In 2007, I was hired as their executive director. After serving for 10 years, I retired to continue my work as a designer, consultant and lecturer.



Each lecture is approximately 1.5 hrs


1. Working With The Environment 


Although the prospect of creating a design and choosing plants is exciting, this should be the last step in a design process.  It’s worth it to spend time learning as much as possible about the site - working with its natural elements is the only way to guarantee plant success and a design that is complimentary to its surroundings.There’s not much you can do about changing the site you have, but there are plenty of ways to work with it. This slide/lecture will take you through the steps of doing a site analysis, choosing tough plants, amending the soil, camouflaging ugly views, removing trees, and adding screening for privacy and windbreak. 


2. Gardening With What You Have 


If you’d like to improve your garden or landscape, it takes three things – your eyesight, a little imagination, and a plan of action. Many homeowners who want to create new gardens or improve existing ones struggle because they lack design experience and don’t know where to start. In this slide lecture, Christine will show you how to evaluate your existing landscape and how to correct common problems – from plant choices and siting to design – by leading you, with before and after images, through some of the projects she’s worked on. You’ll leave with plenty of tips for creating the gardens that you want by working with what you have.


3. Coming Home: Rethinking Foundation Plantings


The front of your house is the logical place to create a garden, yet most of us don’t understand the possibilities this area has to offer, much less how to go about changing it.  How do you depart from the realm of the ubiquitous “foundation planting” and turn it into an exciting space that compliments your home and surrounding landscape? Join landscape designer Christine Froehlich for a slide lecture that will explore a variety of her own projects that show you how to inject new life into the entrance of your home.


4. Pump Up The Volume With Shrubs 

If you want less work and more beauty, stop relying on flowers for flash. Instead, go for colorful foliage that deciduous shrubs offer.  With so many new little beauties to choose from, you’ll find they provide long-lasting color and texture flowers can’t compete with.

In this slide lecture, designer Christine Froehlich will show you how to liven things up with a variety of shrubs she’s planted in her own garden and those she’s designed. 

5.  Landscape Drawing On The Fly (workshop)


Drawing an entire landscape plan can be time consuming and costly. Sometimes the size of the job doesn’t warrant the cost or time involved in drawing a plan. Perhaps you’re having trouble coming up with an idea that will suit the site. Instead of struggling, find out how to knock out quick ideas on your computer or do it by hand on tracing paper. Garden designer Christine Froehlich will demonstrate her step-by-step method that employs two quick drawing methods that involve drawing over your photograph and choosing shapes that work. 



Rochester, NY

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Gardening with what you have

Judi Ferman from Bloomfield, NY 14469 - 02/27/2020 12:34:43

Christine recently spoke at the Ontario County Master Gardener Spring Symposium. Her presentation was very complete: how to start, various resolutions - some minimal and others more complex, suggested plants for various situations and desired outcomes. I have heard Christine speak many times and she is always on target with workable, straight forward solutions for an array of gardening issues. She has a lovely sense of humor, as well. I have thoroughly enjoyed her presentations and implemented many of her suggestions to improve and enhance my gardening experience.

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Symposium Speaker

Christen E. Groeling from Bloomfield - 02/24/2020 17:25:49

Christine presented at our Ontario County Master Gardener Spring Symposium on February 15, 2020. She was extremely professional, interesting, engaging, and entertaining. Her topic was embraced by an audience of "doers" and enthusiastic gardeners. We would definitely hire Christine as a guest speaker again.

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Creating Beauty Anywhere

Jennifer Geiger from Rome, NY - 01/26/2020 22:31:14

Great talk about accepting what you have , including small spaces, big eyesores and far from ideal soil or light, and still making a lovely yard or garden.