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Kostecky Petito

Joanne is an Int’l award winning landscape designer. Former owner of J K Garden Design, constructing for 35 years, is now a design coach. Her passion for plants, good design, and the new nature design style is evident in all her presentations.

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Landscape design

Steve Wills from Florence ky - 12/13/2016 20:50:47

I have been with Joanne as she made presentations and lead groups in discussions. I know her to be well versed in her knowledge of garden design and to be an excellent presenter.

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Master in garden design

Sharon Smith from Bethlehem PA - 11/28/2016 18:05:53

Very knowledgeable in gardening design

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Program Chair, Bethlehem Garden Club

Cathleen Bannon from Coopersburg - 11/23/2016 17:53:06

Joanne was our featured speaker in October. She was positively inspiring with her knowledge and her new perspective of garden design. I would highly recommend Joanne to speak at any garden event. The membership was thrilled with her presentation and knowledge of this new garden design. I, myself, have purchased one of her recommended books "Planting New Perspective", author Piet Oudolf and Noel Kingsbury. A winner to be sure!!!

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Well Rounded Presentation

Wendy-Webber Welsh from Bethlehem, PA - 11/23/2016 09:32:18

Joanne's knowledge is based on her travels world wide to many gardens, people who designed those gardens and may years of garden design. Her photographs and power point presentations are excellent. Her delivery is both warm and professional.