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I aim to always be accessible and informative – and to share new ways to think rather than just a bunch of facts or list of plants. Images are beautiful, inspiring and plentiful, talks have environmental, aesthetic and hands-on practical advice.

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Fantastic at NE Grows 2015

Zachary Navarro from Boston, MA - 01/12/2016 22:03:44

I am an ecological horticulturist, and had the pleasure of moderating Karen's lecture "Ecological Thinking for Non-Scientists" at New England Grows in February of 2015. She was an engaging, enthusiastic speaker with excellent knowledge of the subject matter. I hope we have the opportunity to have her return soon.

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An Excellent Speaker

Joan Stubenrauch from CT - 10/12/2015 15:22:38

Karen presented "Where Bulbs Shine On"
We enjoyed a photographic presentation on gardening with bulbs, encompassing why bulbs do/don't survive, ways to naturalize bulbs. Also included in Karen's presentation was color and contrast, border plantings and companion planting.
Karen shared reputable bulb sources and generously included free bulb catalogs for attendees.

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Where Bulbs Shine ... On and On!

Pam Willis from Scarsdale, New York - 10/07/2015 13:54:58

Where Bulbs Shine ... On and On was a new program for Karen. It was an informative, entertaining, wonderful lecture! The photographs were beautiful and Karen is very knowledgeable and personable. Our garden section highly recommends her!

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Edible Ornamental Review

Susan Mercurio from Ridgefield, CT - 06/08/2015 18:06:31

Karen is a very engaging speaker. Her discussion on edible ornamentals was very detailed and informative. I would highly recommend her.

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Big winter

Mary Pura from Danbury, CT - 03/04/2015 21:34:35

Karen spoke at our garden club meeting on 2/20/15. Lots of slides of snow and winter in the dead of a big winter, but I came away apperiating the winter landscape that I now stopped to study after Karen's talk. Although we all wanted spring desperately , she helped me make the most of winter.