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Laura is a friendly, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable speaker who arms her audiences with the how-to of caring for and pruning Clematis. She inspires her listeners with wonderful photos showing the variety and beauty of this Queen of Climbers.

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Clematis problems? Learn from Laura!

Cindy M. Nordaker from Everett - 06/14/2021 14:09:16

This is the 1st time I'd heard Laura & would sign up for more. Engaging, organized, easy to follow & packed w/ info on clematis! The handouts are a fab reference, too. Learned there's 3 pruning types which I had no idea before. Much appreciated!

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Great presentation!

Connie Hutchison from Kirkland, WA - 04/22/2021 14:01:38

I watched Laura's presentation, Ten Great Understory Trees for the Pacific Northwest, as part of a Plant Amnesty program. Laura's passion for these trees and her personal stories about them were informative, entertaining and inspiring. I was very excited to read more to see if one or two of them might be appropriate for my garden. Thank you, Laura!

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10 Best Understory Trees

Laurel from Bellingham, WA - 02/27/2021 16:25:56

Delightful, very personable and great information.

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I'm not afraid of you Clematis - not any more!

BONNIE SWANSON from Camano Island - 01/31/2021 15:27:38

I love Clematis but have been afraid to deploy it in my garden as much as I want to. Laura's powerful and insightful presentation has inspired and encouraged me to give it a go! Thank you Laura.

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Fabulous speaker

Barbara Metch from Seattle, WA - 09/23/2020 22:45:49

Laura's talks on clematis are well organized, full of useful practical info on growing clematis, and packed with beautiful pictures. Her presentation style is fun and enthusiastic and holds your interest.