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Award-winning writer Mary-Kate Mackey offers dynamic talks in two areas of interest—the practical art of gardening and the garden writer’s craft. She has been a contributor to the Sunset Western Garden Book, and an adjunct journalism professor.

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You are a GREAT speaker.

Shauna Hill from Eugene, OR - 05/23/2013 19:45:13

Mary-Kate Mackey spoke to our Garden Club this month and wow-ed the audience. Most of our garden club members are Master Gardeners, so no an easy group to speak to unless you really know your stuff -- Mary Kate you know it and present it well. Thanks so much for all the useful information!

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Speaking on Transitions

Kristen McLain from FESTUS - 09/21/2011 20:43:55

I attended Mary-Kate's presentation at GWA 2011 on how transitions make articles flow better. She was dynamic, entertaining and I was impressed with her prep work. She had taken short paragraphs from all the articles she had written and printed them individually on our handouts--no two were alike. Then we broke into groups and created a short article using the transition methods she discussed to make coherent articles. It was a lot of fun.

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Carol Michel from Indianapolis, IN - 09/18/2011 14:58:21

I heard Mary Kate speak in Indianapolis about garden writing. She did an excellent job of engaging the audience and answering impromptu questions. I would go hear her speak anytime she was speaking near me.

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GWA 2011

Rebecca Sweet from Los Altos, CA - 08/31/2011 16:01:18

It just doesn't get any better than this! Every time I have the opportunity to listen to Mary-Kate speak, I seize it with both hands. Her topic this time was "Follow the Lead" and I have a whole page of notes I can't wait to try on my own. Her style is casual, funny and bursting with information. I can't recommend her highly enough - there needs to be 6 stars instead of 5!

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Improved my writing skills

Susan Morrison from Concord, CA - 08/31/2011 11:31:24

I’ve heard Mary-Kate speak twice on techniques to improve writing skills. I’m amazed at how she is able to communicate truly useful lessons in less than an hour. Icorporating her ideas on the Story Arc and Transitions as Leads in both my blog posts and magazine articles is helping me to become a better writer.