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Everything Toni Gattone has done in her career has brought her to being a speaker and writer in the garden industry. Gardening is her first love and her presentations, which are inspiring, informational and humorous, demonstrate that passion.

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You Can Garden for Life

Mary Eiswerth from Monmouth, Oregon - 10/18/2016 12:30:48

Toni is professional, knowledgeable, and entertaining. Her presentation is a unique approach to issues we all face as we age. She spoke to a group of about 150 people, a combination of Master Gardeners and non Master Gardeners during a day long gardening festival. Toni delighted us all.

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Don't Miss Toni

Lindsay Laven from Larkspur, CA - 01/19/2016 06:52:59

How often do you leave a one hour seminar feeling energized, with much more knowledge, and with a plan to get started improving your garden. Toni's presentation are fact-filled, interactive, and just plain fun. Look for her and attend her seminars whenever you can!

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Moving Forward

Bren Taylor from Novato, CA - 06/28/2015 20:29:53

I attended one of Toni's recent presentations in Novato. I really appreciated her take on finding ways to keep moving forward with what you love no matter the limitation. Works for gardening. And works for life in general. Thanks Toni!

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Working with what I've got

Mila Fairfax from Walnut Creek, CA - 06/25/2015 19:12:41

I attended a presentation by Toni Gattone in Novato, California, with a girlfriend. I left with two pages of notes! She displayed a range of tools and walked through what features to look for. She made some fresh observations about using unconventional or awkward spaces. I made adjustments to my garden that week.