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Looking for a dynamic, knowledgeable and passionate speaker? Susan Martin is an avid gardener, writer and speaker for gardening audiences across the U.S. She is a perennial specialist with experience in communications, new plants and garden design.

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Shade gardening presentation

Sharon Seavey from VA - 01/19/2020 17:28:48

I loved Susan's dynamic garden talk! She engaged her audience with passion and humor, and she inspired us all!

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Loved Susan's presentations

Brenda Craig from Suffolk - 01/15/2020 10:41:52

Susan Martin's presentations at VA Home Gardener Day were practical and informative with a genuine personal touch. Excellent!

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Fantastic Quality!

Marianne Francavilla from Accomac - 01/14/2020 06:43:27

Susan is a terrific wealth of knowledge, and a wonderful speaker

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A beautiful presentation, full of inspiration!

Patty Steinhauser from Berrien Springs - 10/30/2019 13:41:51

Susan’s presentation “A Designer’s Tapestry: Weaving Together Color, Texture and Form in the Garden” at the Great Lakes Regional PPA gave me a new perspective at looking at gardens and what goes into the design. As a plant person who doesn’t consider herself a designer, Susan gave me a new way to look at “weaving” a garden together. She gave great examples of color, texture and structure and insight on how to look at what we like in a landscape design. Than pulling what we like and duplicating it with the plants we are working with. So in my mind I can figure out what I want to accomplish by going with my gut versus said rules. Beautifully done and truly inspirational!

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Engaging and Practical

Homer Trecartin from Berrien Springs, Michigan - 10/19/2019 14:23:23

I really enjoyed Susan's presentation at the Great Lakes Regional Symposium of the Perennial Plant Association at Fernwood Botanical Gardens. Susan gave excellent landscape tips presented very practically with beautiful photography from landscape designs around the world. I especially appreciated the "what's wrong here" examples at the end.