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317 Holcomb Avenue Larkspur, California 94939

Toni Gattone is a Northern California based speaker, author, master gardener & garden tool aficionado. Her presentations - in person or on Zoom - are for gardeners of all ages and abilities so they can continue to garden for life in comfort & safety.

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Toni Gattone is a Northern California based speaker and author, master gardener, and garden tool aficionado, with a passion to help gardeners grow their resilience. Her presentations, whether in person or on Zoom, are for gardeners of all ages and abilities so they can continue to garden for life in comfort and safety.


She is the author of The Lifelong Gardener, Garden with Ease and Joy. Published in August 2019; it’s already in second printing.


Check out her blog: tonigattone.com/blog

Visit her YouTube account: YouTube.com/ToniGattone




You CAN Garden for Life!  
One hour with PowerPoint slides, available in person and via Zoom.

Toni Gattone is an enthusiastic speaker who delivers solutions to keep gardeners happily in their gardens for as long as they desire. She offers a solution-oriented program that helps gardeners think through what they can adapt or change now, so they won’t have to re-do it later.

This is her flagship seminar that has established her as an expert on Adaptive Gardening and it was the basis of her book: The Lifelong Gardener, Garden with Ease and Joy at Any Age.

In Part One, Toni discusses the natural changes our bodies go through, and how those changes can potentially be painful enough to keep gardeners from gardening with gusto. She recommends strategies like warming up before they begin gardening and switching it up to avoid repetitive movement, helping them to garden consciously.

Part Two discusses the many changes that can be made to make gardens more accessible with elevated raised beds, containers and vertical gardening opportunities. Toni shows before and after garden makeovers regarding hardscape and tripping hazards. Her goal is to make gardens safer and easier to maintain, for the long term.

Part Three reveals Toni’s three decades of experience selling quality ergonomic tools. She knows gardeners love their tools and how challenging it can be with decreased muscle strength or arthritis in the hands. Toni demonstrates tools that can be adapted at home for pennies on the dollar, and features new ergonomic tools on the market.

Her philosophy is “There’s always another way to get it done” and her motto is: Never Give Up!


Growing A Giving Garden in Containers 
One hour with PowerPoint slides, available in person and via Zoom.

There’s a gardening renaissance happening, similar to the Victory Gardens during World War II. Gardeners want to be more self-sufficient by growing their own food themselves.

Toni’s philosophy is to grow enough for yourself and your family, and plant extra for your neighbors and to donate to local food banks.

As she explains, growing veggies, herbs, edible flowers, and salad greens in containers are actually easier to plant, maintain, and harvest than traditional garden beds. There are less pests and diseases and hardly any weeds. Yes, you have to water them more, but it’s worth it.

The good news is that most edibles are super happy growing in pots. This program focuses on easy edibles to grow, ensuring both novice and experienced gardeners will be successful. She discusses the optimal growing conditions and best practices for productive harvests.
Containers are moveable so you can capture more sun as the seasons change. Speaking of moving, your body will be so much happier because you can tend and harvest your edible feast without bending over.

Because of her own chronic bad back, Toni is recognized as an expert in Adaptive Gardening, so she includes many of the tips and techniques from her book in this talk. She also recommends tools that help get the job done with less time, money, and above all, energy.



"Your presentation was excellent and I heard that from more than one person as I was leaving. You were sensitive to our "senior" needs without condescension, and what's more, you made us want to get up and get out there in the dirt!"               

~ Loulie H. Sutro – President of the Board of Directors of Marin Villages


"Wonderful presentation... such valuable and practical information for our aging group! You made it possible for those who are experiencing difficulty to continue to pursue nature’s beauty. It was a blessing, thank you very much!"

~ Arlene Henry


"Getting older doesn’t mean we have to stop doing what we love. With the pain and frustration now in my rear view mirror, I fully intend to garden gracefully until I drop, hopefully in a bed of lavender."

~ Karen Anderson, Valley of the Moon Garden Club


"The information gave hope and inspiration to never stop enjoying the things in life that we love, regardless of age or mobility."   

~ Beatrice Ross, Mill Valley Senior Center


"Thank you so much for today’s presentation.  You are a knowledgeable and engaging speaker and you held your audience’s attention expertly."

~ Patricia Locke, Marin Master Gardeners


"Great pace, excellent energy, positive and upbeat.  Well done!!! Bravo!!!"

~ Suzanne Bontempo, Plant Harmony, Our Water Our World


"You gave so many great suggestions for making gardening easier – it was much appreciated."

 ~ Terry Arnold, Margaret Todd Senior Center


"Excellent presentation! Great ideas – loved the discussion on adapted tools.  Gardening can be an ageless pursuit."

~ Janet Moore


“I loved how you engaged the group, made a relationship with all us gardeners and gave us informative tips we can use. I give you thumb's up."

~ Sharon Howard, Livermore Amador Valley Garden Club




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Audience Reviews

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Entertaining on Edibles

Landry Wildwind from ElCerrito - 06/11/2021 15:33:17

Toni spoke to our garden club on Growing Edibles in Containers. We'd heard her a couple of years ago on Gardening for Life, and she was very well received. This was a Zoom talk, and her slides, her presentation, and her resources were excellent. The color in her pictures made edibles beautiful!

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So Engaging, So Smart!

Ellen Zachos from Santa Fe, NM - 04/08/2021 16:50:59

I heard Toni speak at the Northwest Flower & Garden Festival in Seattle. Her energy and knowledge are impressive and she teaches with a great sense of humor, based on years of experience. I highly recommend Toni as a speaker.

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Top-Rate Speaker

Darcy McInnis from Bellevue, WA - 03/12/2021 16:04:46

Toni presented a webinar for the Bellevue Botanical Garden Society in March 2021, and we were so pleased with her presentation! She is professional, articulate, warm, and very knowledgeable about her topic – adaptive gardening. She takes on a subject that is so often ignored – how to garden for life. Her tips, tools, and techniques are inspired, creative, and surprisingly simple! Toni comes highly recommended by us!

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